Wine Team

Our team does the hard work, behind the scenes. Have you seen a grape press that needs cleaning? A press pad after the crush? Let's not even talk about the bee stings.

From the vineyard to the crush pad, to the barrel room and to the tasting room, the team works to create the best wine possible, because's all about the wine.

Executive Winemaker - Chris Pearmund

Chris Pearmund is one of Virginia's most widely recognized and well respected winegrowers and winemakers. He has over 25 years experience as a winemaker, vineyard manager and winery operator. Chris is the "go-to" guy if you want to understand the wine industry from berry to bottle. He has taught and mentored numerous professionals in the industry. A few accomplishments of note:

-President of the Virginia Vineyards Association
-Chairman of the Virginia Wine and Food Society
-Board Member of the Virginia Wineries Association
-1st mobile wine bottler this side of the Rockies
-1st winery to use OXO barrel system - which is the gold standard for barrel rooms
-Innovator of the barrel ownership program
-Following Mary Ewing Mulligan (Wine for Dummies), Chris was the 2nd person to teach the Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET) program in the country -- the standard of wine knowledge
-Initiated the first Virginia Vineyard insurance program and held the first policy

Winemaker - Ashton Lough

Ashton Lough graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Those degrees have come in handy while home winemaking over the past few years, and then progressing to commercial winemaking here at Pearmund Cellars, as well as Vint Hill Craft Winery and the Winery at Bull Run since July of 2012. If you want to get to know him better, call Vint Hill for more information about his home winemaking courses.