American Wine Society

American Wine Society at Pearmund Cellars, every 2nd Sunday!

american-wine-society-logoThe John Marshall Chapter of the American Wine Society meets at Pearmund Cellars every 2nd Sunday of the month, 6:30pm. The American Wine Society is an organization that brings people together to focus on wine education. Cost is $20 for all the food and wine at the event, open to all people, you don’t have to be a member to visit us.

Each AWS meeting focuses on different wines:

-different regions or countries
-different price ranges
-historical wines
-different taste points.

A few examples of past AWS meetings:

-Wines from Israel during the Passover season, to try the types of wines that Moses, Jesus and other Biblical figures would have drank.
-90pts under $20 wines, experiencing amazing taste at affordable prices.
-The history of wines in Tuscany , showing the differences in the regions and finding unique and special wines from across the countryside.

The structure of the meeting includes:

-30 minutes for social time, to meet people and to chit chat.
-2 Hours of tastings and education.

You cannot be under qualified or even over qualified. The content is engaging and unique and everyone will learn something new. If you are new to wine, but want to learn more, this is a great way to immerse yourself. If you are a seasoned wine professional, since we are trying unique, specialized and different wines, there is a great chance that you will learn something new too!

If you are interested in attending, or want to join the mailing list, email Bruce Schaefer at