American Wine Society – Rosés

July 9, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Pearmund Cellars
6190 Georgetown Rd
Broad Run, VA 20137

Sunday, July 9th
Social 6:30pm
Meeting 7:00pm
Cost: $20 per person

RSVP: Please email, tell us how many people will be coming. This greatly helps with planning!

NOTE: If we go into overflow and start a waitlist, you will be notified if you are on it.

Not so many years ago, rosé wines were considered the bottom of bush-league. This was the result, no doubt, of looking back in horror at our early years in wine when we happily drank and served Mateus and

Lancers, thinking they were sooo chic. A few years later, we embarrassed ourselves again with a mindless dive into white zinfandel, another sweet pink. So for 20 years, the winoscenti drank red or white – period. Pink was plonk.

Then someone noticed the French. They can be fairly sophisticated, and they also know a few things about wine. And in the summertime the French guzzle rosés by the gallon. Zoot alors. How can zees be?

Perhaps the French noticed that chilled wine beats room temp in the summer. And that the flavors of melon, flowers, and citrus are perfect for the season And the pale hues of pink to peach are gorgeous to behold. Also –their rosés are dry.

So for the last 10 years, we Americains have been catching back up to the French, discovering “Hamptons Gatorade”, as wine wags call it. Blush wines have been the fastest-growing segment of US wine; it is once again chic to serve them.

So just as we step into Summer ’17, Marlene brings us the skinny on pink wines: what to look for, taste for, pair with (Asian, seafood, salads anyone?). Maybe she’ll mention how rosés are popular on social media because they’re so photogenic. They even have their own hashtags. Or how the celebs have embraced them: Francis Ford Coppola and Brangelina make and sell their own. And so does – hold your breath here – Pamela Anderson. See you the 9th!

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