AWS- Joe Aguiar Presents: Italian Wines

January 14, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Pearmund Cellars
6190 Georgetown Rd
Broad Run, VA 20137

American Wine Society
Time: 6:30pm, social. 7:00pm, meeting
Cost: $20 per person

Which country is the biggest producer of wine in the world?


Surely, by now, the USA?

Wrong and wrong. It’s Italy. By a short shot over France, and a long shot – as in double the output – over the USA. Spain is 3rd; we come in 4th.

And what exactly do we know about wines from the biggest producer of wines in the world? Just about squat. We know that if you search around, you can find chianti in a bulbous bottle wrapped in straw that, when emptied, makes a sexy candle holder. For when you’re serving pizza. And chianti comes from Italy. As does pizza.

What we see here is a yawning gap in our awareness of wines. We know wines from Virginia and California. And we know a few French words: champagne, bordeaux, chardonnay. And we buy boisterous red wines from Argentina. But when we do buy Italian wine, it’s usually from the clearance bin, right? With labels painted by Giotto. Or maybe, in our minds, Michelangelo.

So, kicking off our brand new year, Joe Aguiar will address this embarrassing blind spot by introducing us to quality wines from Italy. Valpolicella is Italy’s #1 wine by value and #2 by volume produced, after Chianti. And Valpolicella wines present a spectrum – from plonk reds to nectar of the gods – thru which Joe promises to walk us: from a fresh red, like Beaujolais nouveau, that is sold the week it’s made, to the sublime Amarone.

Men folk, here’s your chance. Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and this year you can just kill it. Picture this: dinner at home. Andrea Boccelli singing in the background. Flickering candle lite (coming from your chianti bottle). Soften her up with Italian food: pizza, maybe spaghetti. Then hit her with the Amarone. Aaah, romance!

Trust me, she’ll never forget it – or you. All you need are a few tips from Joe.

So mark your calendar for 2nd Sunday, January 14, and plan to get right with Italy.


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