Pearmund Cellars, Virginia’s Best Winery, Debuts New Board Game

One evening, after a day of harvesting and pressing grapes, the team at Pearmund Cellars hit on an idea to promote the Virginia wine industry and have fun at the same time. They brainstormed a bit and boom! Virginia Wine-Opoly was born.

Named one of the best Christmas gifts for foodies in 2014, the game flew off the shelves even before it arrived at the winery. Featured on Nycci Nellis’ “Last-Minute Gifts for Foodies” segment on Good Day DC/Fox News and in various print and online media, Virginia wine lovers called by the dozens to reserve copies for themselves and to give as gifts.

There are 22 participating Virginia wineries on the Virginia Wine-Opoly board, and deed cards feature information on each. The game cards relate to specific viticulture and enology topics, railroads are wine trails, “Go to Jail” is “Go to Rehab,” plus lots more Virginia wine facts and fun.

“We tried to get state-wide participation rather than just northern Virginia,” said Chris Pearmund, owner of Pearmund Cellars, “and invited only those wineries we thought were team players, wineries that really show support for the industry as a whole. Ultimately, we included the following, which of course produce the best Virginia wines.”

Property 1 (cost $70) Mediterranean Cellars
Property 2 (cost $80) Bluestone Vineyard
Property 3 (cost $90) Zephaniah Farm Vineyard
Property 4 (cost $90) CrossKeys
Property 5 (cost $110) Molon Lave Vineyards
Property 6 (cost $130) First Colony Winery
Property 7 (cost $130) James River Cellars Winery
Property 8 (cost $150) Horton Vineyards
Property 9 (cost $170) Naked Mountain Winery & Vineyards
Property 10 (cost $170) Vint Hill Craft Winery
Property 11 (cost $190) Gadino Cellars
Property 12 (cost $210) Rockbridge Vineyard
Property 13 (cost $210) Veramar Vineyard
Property 14 (cost $230) Potomac Point Winery
Property 15 (cost $250) Keswick Vineyards
Property 16 (cost $250) 8 Chains North Winery
Property 17 (cost $270) Prince Michel Vineyard & Winery
Property 18 (cost $290) Breaux Vineyards
Property 19 (cost $290) Rappahannock Cellars
Property 20 (cost $310) The Winery at Bull Run
Property 21 (cost $375) Pearmund Cellars
Property 22 (cost $425) Williamsburg Winery

The Virginia Wine industry is growing quickly, but it is by no means a young industry. Nearly 400 years ago, Jamestown settlers saw a future in Virginia wine and signed into law a requirement that each male settler plant at least 10 grapevines. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both invested time and resources into cultivating grapevines, but unfortunately their efforts were in vain. Phylloxera, grape diseases, Prohibition and competition from other industries all impeded the growth of the early Virginia Wine industry. However, Virginia did not give up. In the 1970s, we had only six wineries; today Virginia is home to over 250!

Throughout the state, grape growers are learning the importance of choosing suitable vineyard sites, while winemakers are developing their own unique styles from the state’s most iconic varietals, such as Viognier and Cabernet Franc. With each passing harvest, the number of Virginia wineries increases and quality improves, leaving us with much to be excited about. Virginia Wine-opoly was created to celebrate the success and continuous growth of the Virginia Wine industry.

Whether you are a winemaker or a self-proclaimed “wino” we hope Virginia Wine-Opoly will encourage you to visit a new Virginia winery and revisit old favorites. Each winery’s deed card offers a glimpse into the experience you will have upon your visit, and a Virginia Wine map is included in each box to help you plan your journey through a historic wine region that is now receiving worldwide acclaim. Cheers!

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