Virginia Wine – A Quickly Growing Industry

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Virginia Wine is a quickly growing industry, which has been 40 years in the making.

With prohibition laws, Virginia lost about 50 years of knowledge about growing grapes and making wine.  So for the past 40 years, Virginia winemakers have been trying to figure out "what makes a good Virginia wine."

Chris Pearmund, Executive Winemaker at Pearmund Cellars, shares information on what make award winning Virginia wine and tries to define what sets Virginia apart. Full Video. 

On Virginia's wine style:  "The past two decades collaboration of growers and winemakers has defined our wine style, which is still evolving as a state. The leadership of Pearmund Cellars focuses on the wine, we have always been a leader in education and great customer service. A winery experience should explain and educate on what wines are, how they're made, what our style is and what is the cadence and difference in Virginia.

On Growing Grapes: The most consistent thing about growing grapes in Virginia is natures’ inconsistency.

In 25 years of growing grapes at this vineyard, we have never had 2 years the same.

Our work hours in the vineyard, over 250 hours per acre annually, equal those of the most renowned wine regions. That investment of time pays off with fruit quality which helps define our wines. It took decades of focusing on which grape types grown where with which trellis, from soil and vine nutrition to how many leaves per grape cluster to grow a fairly consistent crop year to year which helps define Virginia’s wines.

Production: It’s not size that matters, I think it is about the quality/value relationship in the marketplace. Place our best wines of those of the same varietal and price-point from anywhere and we compete on the worlds’ stage with the best of them.

On Virginia Quality: People sometimes say that Virginia wines are too expensive........some are.  Same exists around the world. 

I want people to not say that this is good Virginia Viognier or Cab Francbut rather this is World Class Viognier or Cabernet Franc, and this is Virginia’s style.

My passion for 30 years is to help the development of consistent regional character of Virginia wine and be recognized for its value in the world of wine.”

There is a reason that Chris Pearmund was voted Best Winemaker in Virginia - he knows his stuff!



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