Wine and Spirits Education Trust

Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Classes at Pearmund Cellars

winery_26If you love wines, and are dedicated to learning more about it, the WSET is the perfect place for you. The class was originally taught by Mary Eugene, the 1st woman to earn the rank of Master of Wine, she wrote the popular book, Wine for Dummies and is a mentor to many people, including Pearmund Cellars Owner, Chris Pearmund.

Eugene originally taught the class in New York, New York, hoping to teach the staff of Total Beverage. She wanted to take the classes everywhere, to teach people about wine. The 2nd location she started teaching at was Pearmund Cellars, which is now one of 30 locations in the United States that the class is taught, and 300 in the world.

The best part of these classes is that everyone is smart enough to attend. At Pearmund Cellars, we host both level one and level two classes that are open to people in the wine industry and who are serious wine enthusiasts. They are now taught through Capital Wine School, and Jay Youmann is the head instructor.

Find out more information on their website ( These classes will help you develop a fundamental tasting and assessment skills. It will also provide you with a good knowledge of the most common wines, grapes and regions. Classes are usually 5 weeks and then there is a test on the 6th week, giving you WSET level 2 Certification.